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Super Duper Cooler - Black

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Item Number: HRCOSD001B
This ice chest is the SUPER DUPER Rustic Cooler!! Dare I call it the "Mother of All Rustic Coolers"?  It features the COLEMAN  Brand 48 qt. cooler, ice tray/bottle center insert, a slot for knife storage, removable  cutting board/lid, second ice bin for "clean" ice, a towel bar/handle, a bottle rack, easy roll casters, a storage drawer, bottle opener, and fold down side shelf. You may also choose from the adornments below according to your budget and taste.

NOTE- this ice chest has TWO separate compartments! That means you can use either ONE or BOTH sides at the same time. Smaller party? Use just one side. Some other double units have one large cavity so you have to use both sides at once. Not ours!

These ice chests are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered wood, NOT stained wood. As a result there are no two exactly alike. AND, they all include old-timey bottle openers!

Inside is a GEN-U-INE COLEMAN brand 48 quart cooler. The lids have been removed and added to the cooler tops so that when they close, they fit tightly for a cold-enclosing fit.  We prefer Coleman brand coolers due to their ruggedness and long-lasting quality. They out- perform other cheaper coolers that contain non-insulated metal liners found elsewhere. The boxes also include a handy drain feature on the end for when the party is over. Will accommodate 2 liter bottle standing up plus a lot of cans and bottles with plenty of room for ice.
These "barn-wood" style ice chests add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering. They will continue to weather naturally and maintain the distinguished "weathered" look for years to come. All wood is lightly sanded for an even, smoother and better looking finish.

No need to worry about the wood fading, IT ALREADY IS! The materials are what is commonly called "barn wood" and are in fact very old materials but still very useful and strong. I guess you could say we're sort of recycling this stuff! In addition, we have a matching bar and trash receptacle available.

-The larger ice chest is a 48 qt and the inside measurements are 22 wide x 12  ÃƒÃƒÃƒÃ‚½ front to back x 11 deep
-The smaller ice chest is 8 wide x 11 front to back x 7 deep
-The ice bin is 5 ÃÃý wide x 11 ÃÃý front to back x 6 deep
-The larger ice chest does have a drain and is located on the far left side behind a door so that it is hidden and looks nice
-The smaller ice chest is removable because of its size an can be simply dumped out.
-The ice bin also simply lifts out for cleaning and draining.
-Approximate overall dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) 32" tall, 62" left to right and 17" deep.
Go ahead and get one, you'll be glad you did and your neighbors will be jealous!

NOTE: Some assembly required with Phillips screw driver.

58 1/2" wide with Side Shelf DOWN and not included towel rack
60 1/2" wide with Side Shelf DOWN including towel rack

70" wide with Side Shelf UP and not including towel rack
72" wide with Side Shelf UP including towel rack

20 1/2" deep

35 1/2" high

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